In May 2011 PinkDrive and their mobile education truck came into KZN for Commrades Marathon. Through extensive negotiations I managed to secure their team to assist with educating the   health care workers in the Inanda Valley about breast self examination. There were 120 women that attended to the two sessions and through word of mouth within their communities we feel that over 650 women would be educated indirectly from this event.  Outreach work is both exciting and sobering, when you realise the huge need for education and skills.

Cause Marketing Fundraisers (CMF) is a non-profit organisation and, through our PinkDrive campaign, we are committed to improving breast cancer awareness, education, and providing and offering services to women across South Africa, particularly to those who do not have access to information on breast health. currently has two mobile breast units, an education unit working in approximately 80 community health centers in Gauteng and a mammography unit, which operates at 3 community health centers in the Cape Town area, under the Tygerberg Hospital jurisdiction. We aim to: View more on their website