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A Resource Guide For Breast Cancer in KZN 2010

As the co-founder and editor of the C-Sisters “Stride To Thrive” Breast Cancer Resource Guides, I am excited to share with you a little about each book. I would like to acknowledge Novartis, who have sponsored all three books and this enables us to distribute them free of charge.

This is a user-friendly practical guide for those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Written by the C-Sisters in collaboration with other professionals it highlights aspects of breast cancer treatment that patients and their carers/family can refer to while travelling through treamtent and beyond. This first edition was very well received by lay-people and medical professionals alike.

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A Practical Guide for Breast Cancer in South Africa – Zulu Edition

A Practical Guide to Breast Cancer in South Africa – 2nd Edition, English Umhlahlandlela Mayelana Nomdlavusa Webele KwaZulu-Natali, The C-Sisters collaborated with the Narrative Foundation’s translator Nompelelo Mbatha throughout 2010. She worked with a group of community healthcare workers in the Inanada Valley and this contextual isiZulu translation was the result. The C-Sisters feel confident that this guide can now be made available to a much wider urban and rural isiZulu audience and promote advocacy among all South African women.

Download the Book here