Have you had breast cancer surgery and looking for the correct bra and prosthesis, so that you feel confident and feminine when you return to work?

With the remarkable progress in breast cancer management, and the advent of oncoplastic surgical techniques means that breast cancer survivors requires specialised assessment and fitting of external silicone prostheses and bras, as part of their oncology benefit cover.

Dr Ness Inc. can assist with ergonomic and biomechanical assessment and guidance in this regard, to help breast cancer survivors during this confusing time, and ensure physical impairments are resolved allowing for best fit and outcome of devices provided.

Conditions assessed:

  • Total mastectomy / partial mastectomy
  • Lumpectomy / wide local excision
  • Quadrantectomy
  • ICAP flap/ Ilio-hypogastric flap, as part of breast conserving therapy
  • Skin/ NAC sparing mastectomy with immediate reconstruction
  • Autologous breast reconstruction (TRAM flap, DIEP flat, Latissimus Dorsi flap)