What is Physiotherapy Rehabilitation?

Physiotherapy rehabilitation helps restore movement and function to as near normal as possible following an injury, illness or physical impairment.

First Step: Assessment

Rehab only starts after an in-depth verbal and physical assessment has been completed to establish a diagnosis of your condition.

Second Step: Treatment

Therapy comprises a treatment plan using a variety of hands-on techniques, an exercise programme, electrotherapy and education. The treatment is goal orientated to combine the patient’s expectation and therapist’s findings.


Dr. Ness Inc. favours a multidisciplinary approach to healthcare and rehabilitation. We prefer a team approach with you and our referring specialists to provide the best therapeutic outcome for our patients. The Physiotherapists at Dr Ness Inc. are highly trained first line practitioners, who deliver expert care and tailor made self help protocols to assist you in your recovery.


As registered physiotherapists we are first-line medical practitioners, which means you don’t need to be referred by a doctor to consult with us for your physical impairments.

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