What is Lymphoedema?

Lymphoedema is the abnormal collection of fluid under the skin, either a s result of being born with a poorly functioning lymphatic system (Primary Lymphoedema), or as a result of  cancer surgery, injury, infection. It mainly affects the limbs, but can be found on the trunk or parts f the head.

It is a type of swelling that may not repsond to the normal strategies, and requires the assessment an dmanagement of a certified lymphoedema therapist.

Dr Ness Inc can provide assessment, diagnosis and staging of your abnormal swelling as well as srategies to manage it.

Conditions treated

  • Secondary Lymphoedema stage 0-3, post cancer surgery, post orthopedic surgery, post injury
  • Secondary lymphoedema stage 0-3, following infection, TB glands, Filiariasis, wound care therapy for venous or arterial ulcers
  • Primary lymphoedema stage 0-3
  • Vascular oedemas pre and post vascular surgery
  • Lymphoedema of all parts of the body irrepsective of cause